The New Context

The Student Journal of International Affairs at The New School


Emma Pulido was Editor-in-Chief of The New Context in 2018-2019. Emma is an SGPIA student from Brooklyn, NY focusing on Conflict and Security. Her work is mainly centered on ethnic conflict, Latin America, Israel-Palestine, and tourism studies.

Shona Kambarami was Editor-in-Chief of The New Context in 2016-2017. She is a lover of red wine, conversation, and pho. She’s a third culture ‘global citizen’ – A Zimbabwean/Australian who currently lives in New York. She is a biomedical scientist, an obstetrician/gynecologist and a budding scholar of international relations, primarily concerned with migration, health, and womanhood in all its forms, particularly for African women. Shona is also the Media and Culture concentration assistant and communications coordinator for the SGPIA program at The New School.

Bianca Rogers was co-Editor-in-Chief of The New Context in 2016-2017. After finishing her undergraduate degree here in the city, she spent a year living in Italy learning the language (and eating all of the pasta) and was fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe, reconnecting with friends and family. She completed the Graduate Program in International Affairs, concentrating in Media and Culture. She is an active member of Engage Media Lab and the founder and director of the web series, Our Turn, which is dedicated to promoting youth activism. She is passionate about using media in an ethical way as an advocate for social justice and produced and edited the virtual reality film viewpoints360 as her final Master’s project.

Shadi Garman was Editor-in-Chief of The New Context for 2015-2016. Shadi was born in Iran, raised in the greater Seattle area, and is now happily residing in Harlem. Shadi studied media and culture at The New School’s Graduate Programs in International Affairs. She is also a portrait and lifestyle photographer.  Her work experience focuses on social media; her hobbies include traveling and watching Netflix marathons. Connect with Shadi on Instagram here.

Ardra Manasi pursued her Master’s in International Affairs at the New School. Previously, she completed her Master’s in Development Studies from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India. Ardra has worked with “AID India” (an educational NGO based in Tamil Nadu, India), with UN Women on a consultation project, and for India China Institute (ICI) at the New School. She was also involved with a research project on ‘Innovation Ecosystem’ at the Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT) within the UN Secretariat. Apart from this, Ardra holds poetry and dance close to heart and she is a published poet and a trained dancer. On Twitter, she is @ArdraManasi.

Nick Speer worked as a logistician in the US Air Force and was deployed to the Middle East, before coming to the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs. Nick’s studies focus on governance and rights; his undergraduate studies in history led to an interest in political economy and geopolitics, both of which he feels are driving factors in the United States’ pursuit of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Kristina Hamil attended Elmira College where she completed a BA Degree in Biology and Environmental Studies, with a specialization in the Natural Sciences.  She completed the New School’s International Affairs Program with a concentration in Governance and Rights and wrote a thesis that documents whether alternative dispute resolution techniques (arbitration and mediation) ameliorate the resource curse, and foster economic and social progress in various jurisdictions. Through the UNSS program, Kristina has gained an interest in security issues, and hopes to pursue an advanced degree in Security Studies.

Renata Bolotova is received her undergraduate degree in Global Studies with a minor in Chinese Studies at the Eugene Lang College.  Her area of interest is economic development and environmental sustainability with a specific focus on water infrastructure and water management. In 2013, she successfully completed Summer School of Multilateral Diplomacy at the United Nation Institute Of Training and Research, where she published a work titled Access to Clean Water and Sanitation is the Key to Success of the Millennium Development Goals-2015 in Africa.  Over the past year, she fulfilled a year-long internship with a hydropower energy company and is currently interning with New-York based consultancy, Economic Transformation Group (ETG).

Jessica Durovy pursued a dual concentration in Conflict & Security and Governance & Rights at The New School’s Graduate Programs in International Affairs.  She worked on a refugee resettlement project for the International Rescue Committee, originating from her studies in the UNSS program. She has lived abroad as a teacher for Peace Corps Azerbaijan in addition to working privately in South Korea. As a result of her time in Azerbaijan, she has chosen to regionally focus her studies on Azerbaijan and its relationship with the other states the Caucuses region.   

Sebahate Shala completed a BA in Political Science and Journalism in her country of origin, Kosovo. She finished her degree at The New School’s Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict and Security, where her final project focused on the exodus of Kosovo Albanians to Europe. From the UNSS program, Sebahate has gained an interest in security issues, particularly with a focus on the conflicts in the Middle East, and hopes to extend her research works after completing the degree. Her previous experience includes works as a journalist in printed media and news agencies, as well as an internship in the Albania Mission to the United Nations.

Alex Kneib is a recent graduate of Loyola University New Orleans. His area of interest is in US-Iran foreign policy and world order. In Spring of 2015, he published a work titled Nuclear Iran and the International Community in the Journal of Politics and International Affairs at Ohio State University and completed his undergraduate thesis on the progression of US-Iranian foreign policy. He completed the UNSS program in Summer 2016 and has since then interned with the National Iranian American Council in Washington, D.C.

Adam Roberts is a concurrent J.D./M.A. student at the University of Oregon with a dual focus in international law and international studies. His work as a legal intern with an immigration court, predominantly on Convention Against Torture and Asylum claims, exposed him to the global rise in human trafficking. Adam participated in the UNSS program, which enabled him to work with the International Rescue Committee on the economic integration of refugees. The experience enriched his understanding of displacement and migration issues, and he plans to continue in this field after graduation.

Ankit Kanhere is an international student from India who studied Economics with politics and capitalism studies as minors at Eugene Lang College. He has been following the Greek crisis for over a year, during which time he attended various lectures by guest speakers and professors at the New School to broaden and deepen his exposure to the issue. He focused his work on the Greek crisis based on its relevance to interstate relations within the Eurozone, as well as how it relates to understanding the economic sovereignty of a nation.

Andrew Bedsole is a long time resident of New York State. He is a graduate of SGPIA and holds a bachelor’s degree from York College of Pennsylvania. Although he focuses on human rights issues, Andrew has a wide variety of interest ranging from American politics, film and television, and a variety of different cultures particularly those on the Asian continent.

Hadley Cooper pursued her MS in Nonprofit Management at the New School. Her past experiences include working with migrants in Thailand and Burma in efforts to improve the status of women and education.  Prior to beginning her studies, she took the opportunity to travel and volunteer in Austral-Asia, North Africa, Central, and South America. Her favorite place to be is the Museum of Modern Art or a beach where she has never been before.

Michael Quiñones hails from Dayton, Ohio (home of the Wright Bros and Guided By Voices) but has made NYC his home for the past 15 or so years. After three and a half years in the New School’s GPIA, he is still looking for that elusive perfect moment to bail from his soul-crushing (yet well-paying) managing editor gig at a celebrity gossip magazine (where he has NOTHING to do with the content) and devote himself to learning how to save the world full-time—and internships! Michael is fascinated by multigenerational insurgencies and enjoys questioning the state as a political unit. He is also intrigued by the Kurdish peoples of Turkey (and had been BEFORE it was trendy), what they have shown us and what they will show us about the conflict, security and political development of stateless nations. His favorite food is currently fish tacos.

Kait Lynes was raised in the Chicago suburbs and found her way to New York City via a convoluted path through the South African NGO world, flight attending, and a bakery. Kait studied conflict and security at The New School with a focus on Europe and conflict resolution. Most importantly, she has never found a pizza that has disappointed her: Chicago, New York, or otherwise. Connect with Kait on Twitter @kait_lynes.

Ben Homer is the former Editor-in-Chief of The New Context. His career includes roles with Major League Baseball, CBS Interactive and as a member of the senior leadership team at More recently, he has worked with UNICEF Innovations Lab in Kosovo to implement a Citizen Science initiative using high tech sensors to monitor air pollution levels, and in Jordan and Lebanon to study innovative solutions to large scale refugee issues. Follow Ben on Twitter @ben21