The New Context

The Student Journal of International Affairs at The New School


Leah Guyot

Leah Guyot is an MA candidate in International Affairs whose work focuses on conflict and humanitarianism. She is an international student from France currently based in the New York City area. She previously lived in London working in finance and was drawn to change her focus to international affairs after the European refugee crisis. Leah has recently worked on projects with IANSA, UNHCR, and the Stimson Center. Her other interests include language learning and literature. 

Lindsay Myers

Lindsay is an MS candidate in International Affairs with a focus on media and culture. She is a returned Peace Corps volunteer who served as an English teacher in Moldova (2018-2020). She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in New York City where she works with The New School’s Student Disability Services and as a tutor with Broadway Housing Communities. Her research interests include education and educational equity in the United States and abroad.

Sofia Navarrete Zur

Sofia is an MA candidate in International Affairs whose research interests include cultural identity in diasporic experience, women’s rights, and the many global consequences of immigration. Growing up between London, UK, and Oaxaca, Mexico, her multicultural upbringing and continued involvement in the arts inspired a desire to explore the human experience through storytelling. Having just returned from work in Guatemala, she is now based in Brooklyn, NY, and working at the International Rescue Committee. You can follow her creative work at