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The New Context is always interested in great submissions!

The New Context  accepts submissions from students and alumni on a rolling basis. We look for interesting, well-executed pieces on a variety of topics related to Politics & Policy, Community Affairs, Media & Tech, and the Arts related to the field of international affairs.

Who can submit to The New Context?

We welcome submissions from SGPIA students past and present.

What format should submissions be?

Send an article, a poem, a photo essay, a video, a cartoon! The opportunities are endless. While we do not publish academic papers verbatim, we do welcome submissions influenced by or adapted from particular New School classes, projects, or experiences. Our editors will work with you to re-purpose your work for publication. Basic submission guidelines:

  • Pitch a story or article, not a general topic.
  • Be specific, be detailed, be bold.
  • If including photos, you must have the rights to use those images.
  • Ask friends, neighbors, and subway seat buddies to copy edit and spell check before you submit a piece.
  • Fact check, always.
  • If your pitch is time sensitive, please make that openly apparent in the body of your email.
  • Using images, videos or GIFs to support your writing is highly encouraged.
  • Length of submissions is not regulated. If you can wow us with 200 words, that’s great. If you prefer 1000+, that’s quite alright as well. As a rule, we prefer quality > quantity.

Please email us at thenewcontext (at) gmail (dot) com. We truly appreciate all submissions because without you, this site would not exist.

Use the contact sheet below for any submissions or inquiries.

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