Each summer, students from SGPIA spread out across the world as part of the International Field Program (IFP) and Studio Programs! Students conduct independent research, contribute to the vital work of local non-profits, NGOs, and government agencies, and gain invaluable international experience. This summer, our students are living, working, and learning in Argentina, the Balkans, Colombia, Cuba, Ethiopia, and South Africa. The IFP and Studio Correspondents will be the eyes and ears in the field to help us tell the stories of the summer. Check back to learn about each of the field sites.

Just under a month in, it seems that the people of the International Field Program in Cuba have finally settled into the unfamiliar surroundings of a tropical, socialist country. It’s hot, water is in limited supply, and none of us have ever been so starved for wi-fi. All of that being said, we each seem to be having the times of our lives and are guaranteed to return to the United States with drastically changed mental frameworks. Havana is a beautiful place full of warm and welcoming people, for the most part, and we’ve all made many friends (both from within and outside our IFP group). We learn many things every day and are all enamored with nuestro jefe, Prof. Gabriel Vignoli. I am here researching the point at which ecological sustainability intersects with communist ideology. My studies proceed surely, albeit slowly at times, and I feel incredibly blessed for this opportunity and experience.

I have been logging the group’s journey in countless photographs. They feature members of our group, academics who have given us their time, and some of the many non-human animals who have crossed paths with us (as it turns out, they are my favorite subjects). Enjoy!

Hasta la victoria.

Cats in the Street
Cat in the Grass
Chicken in the street
Chicken in the Grass
El Jefe en el Pozo


Ezekiel the Mango Man
Everybody Loves Gerardo
The Bros. Monzote — Sustainable Siblings
Sabs and Katie Put Their Salsa Lessons to Use
Bust of Jose Martí Beneath a Patriotic Mosaic
Two Dogs
Aditya’s Ascension
Yo Soy