A country’s sights can tell you a lot–but so can its words. For a glimpse into Cuba, take a look at this collection of signs and scribblings from a summer on the island.

Hay ron: “there is rum” (Habana Vieja, Cuba)
America (Habana Vieja, Cuba)
Nada es perfecto: “Nothing is perfect” (Habana Vieja, Cuba)
I love (Centro Habana, Cuba)
Hoy no trabajo. Disculpen las molestias. Gracias. “I’m not working today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.” (Matanzas, Cuba)
No hay dias buenos ni malos sino hay dias contigo y sin ti: “There are no good days nor bad days, but there are days with you or without you” (Marianao, Cuba)
Me gustan las personas locas. Huelen a la vida. “I like crazy people. They smell like life.” (Playa, Cuba)
No hay tarea dificil sino hombres incapaces: “There is no difficult task but incapable men.” (Cojimar, Cuba)
Hablar de mi es fácil. Ser como yo is lo dificil. “To talk about me is easy. To be like me is difficult.” (Marianao, Cuba)
Que Dios te de dinero y amistad: “God give you money and friendship” (Matanzas, Cuba)