Each summer, students from SGPIA spread out across the world as part of the International Field Program (IFP) and Studio Programs! Students conduct independent research, contribute to the vital work of local non-profits, NGOs, and government agencies, and gain invaluable international experience. This summer, our students are living, working, and learning in Argentina, the Balkans, Colombia, Cuba, Ethiopia, and South Africa. The IFP and Studio Correspondents will be the eyes and ears in the field to help us tell the stories of the summer. Check back to learn about each of the field sites.

With the exception of our adopted father, Gabriel Vignoli, this is our group of fourteen’s two weeks in Havana, Cuba thus far. We eat the same breakfast–though Peyton doesn’t eat breakfast–and we ride the same bus together. Last night we watched “The Lobster” and shared the same confusion. Our salsa classes test our teamwork. What’s fundamental, however, is that Gabriel consistently reminds us that we will all experience Havana differently. Here’s to seven more weeks!

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